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Well done! I really like the tileset and music.

Thanks! More music to follow ;)


WOW!! I'm a platformer game lover and I'm so love this game!! Can't wait for the full version.


Thanks! <3

On the itch app I get the error message "Its last words were: application crashed. process exited with code 127" the whole problem here

Not sure how to help you on this. Possibly contact Itch and see what they say?


I really liked the demo. The game play feels good!

My small concerns are:

1) It feels like after the factory some game play shake-up will be needed (by the end of the factory it started to feel slightly stale). New enemies or other mechanics besides looking for keys will be nice.

2) The enemy robots all similarly look like gray waste bins. Not to say they look bad, but I wasn't able to distinguish between them fast enough to avoid damage occasionally. Maybe repainting some of their colours could help. Or anything you can think of. Or do nothing. It didn't bother me much!

It was good! The 'cold open' was a nice style choice. Fun fun fun.

Hey thanks for playing!

Regarding your points:

  • The demo ends with the end of Level 1 and after that you're out of the factory and in to "Maynard Forest". So there'd be new enemies, new tilesets, etc. I thought about ditching the "key search" mechanic for the 2nd level since it's a forest but it is in place for now. To me the only alternative I can see is making larger levels and having them take longer to get through (a la Mega Man).
  • I definitely plan on sprucing up the enemies a bit. Most of the art on them is first pass. I've come to realize that they need to pop off the background a bit.
Thanks again!
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Really cute little game! Can't wait to see where it goes and why the robots are all vicious!

Thanks Jupi! <3 bc <3


hey bc, here's my thoughts on the game :)

so, first off, i really enjoyed it! rae is very endearing as a character and i also like a lot of the pixel art you've used so far.

as for bugs:

as you mentioned, sticky keys do turn on after hitting fire too many times

i've also had some issues when jumping off platforms (or not as was the case for me). so, when running towards the edge of a platform and then hitting jump, sometimes it doesn't register and rae falls. i'm not sure if there's some issue of input lag on my end or if those were just fluke occurrences but i did encounter this a few times. i've tried recreating it a few times and sometimes it occurs but other times not. sorry that can't be more useful :(

i think that's all of the ones i found!

for requested features:

if it would be possible (or appropriate) to put an indicator in the UI as to when you've acquired the keycard, i think that might be very helpful, especially in larger levels or levels where there are multiple doors opened by different keycards.

also, perhaps a small tutorial section before the player gets put into the game proper would be a nice introduction and a chance for a bit of exposition if you thought it would be useful (like a routine training protocol that slowly reveals something has gone quite wrong and against expectation)!

and finally, some suggestions:

when i first encountered the title screen, i really liked that it was there but i personally felt its placement was a little too early. perhaps it could show after some perilous escape from a dilapidated section of the factory or some additional exposition on how the robots seem to be going haywire?

i kept taking too many hits to be able test this but does anything happen to rae if he 'overcharges'? if not, i thought that it might really cool if rae temporarily becomes really powerful for a few seconds! perhaps this form could even be used to solve some puzzles/overcome obstacles.

hope at least some of that is useful but please let me know if you'd like me to elaborate or do any more testing! :)

Thanks for the input!

  • Happy to hear that you find Rae endearing. Since this is a simple platformer with some basic mechanics, I want to lean on the story and dialogue a lot. Kind of a "coming-of-age" story about a robot :D
  • I'll look in to the jumping issue. I feel like that may have been brought up a few times.
  • A keycard indicator has been on my to-do list for a while. So it'll be added ;)
  • Some cool suggestions and feature requests! I'll jot them down and see if I can implement them at any point. I like the "overcharged" idea since I'm already kind of picturing it in my head!

Thanks again for reaching out to me on twitter and for trying out the demo. Keep in touch! <3 bc


I've played the demo. Got stuck at level 2? (post the A Small Robot Story title cutscene) because I didn't have enough stamina to push myself through it.

The atmosphere is great. The art style takes me back to the old-school platformers.

Sometimes I felt like the level doesn't "float" well when running through it. I often bumped up against the same enemy over and over again. Especially those turret-ones on pillars.

But damn, that level music is so catchy.

Thanks for trying the demo and for the well-thought out criticism! I definitely need to tweak the enemy placement; specifically the turrent bots you referred to. Their placement (and frustration that arises due to it) has come up with many player's playthroughs.


Had fun!! Keep up the great work!

Thanks! And that's the plan :D