Chronoweaver's Loop is a small time-loop puzzle game where you play as Mune, a young apprentice mage who must solve the puzzles of her mentor's crumbling tower. This demo is only 2 floors long and intended to be a proof of concept. We'd really appreciate any and all feedback at this point! 

How To Play

  • WASD to move Mune
  • Space bar to interact (Read the book, Cast spell)
  • Use your spell to move blocks and fill holes
  • Move the orbs to the correct holders to open the door
  • Book lore gives hints!
  • Full-screen recommended

Known bugs

  • You can select multiple objects at once
  • If your spell is active and a block falls, you cannot select it until you recast your spell


More Details

The full game release will include:

  • 4 floors with puzzles
  • A wrap-around puzzle
  • Intro and outro cutscenes
  • An expanded soundtrack
  • Playable in-browser
  • Merch
  • Free for you to play


bclikesyou - programming, pixel art, music, design

Noelle Brandmier - promo art

Software / Assets


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Nice! Also, bug report! If you push a block against another block, and one goes into the hole, the other disappears.


Ok apparently it's proximity based, so if the model that falls is close to others, they all disappear.

Wow dang! I'll try and replicate it but that sounds like a good one. Thanks for the heads up!


Yur Welcome!


Honestly, it's stunning

No you are!


Cool game! What did you use to make the music?

Thanks! The music was created with Reason, LSDJ samples, and Native Instrument's synth, Massive.