My first LDJam AND first completed game! Overall I had a blast.

NOTE: I plan to tweak this in the near future to make it more forgivable/easier.

Left and right arrows to move.
Up to hide in a closet and down to exit closet.
Shift to ooze an astronaut. Meter in the upper left will turn green when you're close enough to ooze.
If they turn and face you while you're in their room, you're vaporized!

The game feels as finished as it can be. Next time I'd definitely take Monday off of work and continue to work on it. I ended up rushing sfx and just using a song I wrote a few years back. Would've like to spend more time on those two aspects.

The game has a few slight issues. Sometimes you can get shot right before you go in a closet and nothing will happen until you exit the closet. Also the astronauts can spot you even if you're off screen. Would've liked to fix that with more time.